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And holy smokes Patti Smith. She was excellent and has a powerful energy I’m grateful to have experienced.

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To quote the dude behind me for A Forest, “Siiiick”.

but man, during A Forest a green light set such a mood for Simon’s bass part and it was perfect. And~ for Hot, Hot, Hot a few other women near me did the ~hey, hey, hey~ points with me and that was super delightful. and THE WALK WAS PERFECT AS ALWAYS! and~ I heard songs I’ve never heard before which was really weird, but exciting. and~ Robert would dance and the crowd would woo and cheer for him and he was so cute about it because after our woos for his little dances, he would dance some more with playful expressions. SEW cute. AND~ He played the harmonica! and I loved it! My view was either Robert or Roger, I had to look at the monitor if I wanted to see Simon, but towards the end, I got shifted on top of a little mud hill and I stood tall over the people, so it was like I had the Cure all to myself. It was heavenly.
*Roger looked super suave in his leather jacket, and his hair: extra glossy. A true foxy Grandpa. Whenever I saw Simon he was always super into it, jumping around. He keeps so fit from dancing most likely. True stud.
It really sucked though when their. time. slot. was. up. ? (I don’t know what happened.) because they walked off the stage in a single swoop without saying goodbye :{ I feel like they had more songs to play too. They didn’t play Boys Don’t Cry, which is popular ya know? but it’s whatever. I spent two and a half hours watching and listening to the beautiful Cure, so it was a wondrous night.

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✧・゚:*✧・゚:*☼☽☆THE CURE TONIGHT!☆☽☼*:・゚✧*:・゚

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Music video for Nina Hagen’s  `Tiere’  from her 1995 albums                     `freuD Euch’  and  `Bee Happy’ and produced by Dee Dee Ramone

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Cillian Murphy & Gavin Friday — “Sand”

Young woman, share your fire with me
My heart is cold, my soul is free
I am a stranger in your land
A wandering man, call me “Sand”

Oh, sir my fire is very small
It will not warm thy heart at all
But thee may take me by the hand
Hold me and I’ll call thee “Sand”

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Can’t handle my swag

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Can’t handle my swag


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"Best shop in Brighton" Nick Cave RT @artrepublic: @nickcave just popped in & chose this print

"Best shop in Brighton" Nick Cave RT : just popped in & chose this print

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John Murphy - Don Abandons Alice

Did I hear that code red or am I losing my shit?

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the last bite of my banana tasted like that skunk smell. It was really unpleasant.

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